In addition to serving as a data-coordination center for several multi-center collaborative studies, we are involved in collaborative research with emphasis on the network properties of the young brain. There are two facets to this research.

One pertains to characterizing healthy development across the lifespan (from early gestation to 22 years of age), using functional and structural brain imaging phenotyping across multiple cohorts. Our early methods for simple localization of structural brain changes with age, are now extended to provide the topography of covariance/connectivity between regions.

The other facet of the neurodevelopmental work done at the MCIN pertains to psychopathology (e.g. autism, ADHD). Using the same methods as above, we examine how neurodevelopmental trajectories vary as a function of illness severity and how the trajectories of subjects suffering from a given form of psychopathology differ from that of healthy subjects. The main aim of this research is to develop target biomarkers that enable us to identify the etiology of illness, in order to provide timely and appropriate preventive interventions.