What is LORIS


LORIS (Longitudinal Online Research and Imaging System) is web-based data and project management software for neuroimaging research studies. It is an open-source framework for storing and processing behavioural, clinical, neuroimaging and genetics data. LORIS also makes it easy to manage large datasets acquired over time in a longitudinal study, or at different locations in a large multi-site study.


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LORIS Publications


Das S, Zijdenbos AP, Harlap J, Vins D and Evans AC (2012) LORIS: a web-based data management system for multi-center studies. Front. Neuroinform. 5:37. doi: 10.3389/fninf.2011.00037


Das S, Glatard T, MacIntyre L, Madjar C, Rogers C, Rousseau ME, Rioux P, MacFarlane D, Mohades Z, Gnanasekaran R, Makowski C, Kostopoulos P, Adalat R, Khalili-Mahani N, Niso G, Moreau J, Evans AC (2016): The MCI data-sharing and processing ecosystem