BigBrain Workshop 2017 Montreal : From open data to novel applications

We are pleased to announce an international workshop on BigBrain and its applications, to be held at the Montreal Neurological Institute on November 3rd, 2017. The day will start with a plenary session, with a keynote lecture by Pr. Karl Zilles (Germany). Morning addresses will be followed by an open forum discussion on the challenges and future directions of the BigBrain data and their applications. The afternoon will be dedicated to short presentations from selected projects covering the topics listed below, and will end with poster presentations.

The BigBrain is a 3D model of a human brain, reconstructed from serial sections that were scanned at very high resolution (Amunts et al., Science 2013). Researchers from McGill University (Montreal) and the Research Centre in Jülich (Germany) developed a 3D model of the human brain at very high resolution – the BigBrain. The model is available as a free tool ( and offers unequalled neuroanatomical insight as well as the possibility to verify hypotheses, and develop solutions for big data management, visualisation and analytics.

Read more about the BigBrain and the Human Brain Project here.

We welcome abstracts of current work and/or short proposals for future initiatives related to such high-resolution reference brains. Topics to be considered will include:

  • Technical or methodological issues related to the BigBrain data, for instance concerning realignment, segmentation, and visualisation
  • Neuroinformatics hurdles such as management and storage of large images
  • Scientific and clinical applications of high-resolution reference brains
  • Teaching proposals

The workshop will be restricted to ~100 attendees. The event is free, but registration is mandatory. Lunch will be served.


For those who would like to present, one-page abstracts / proposals should be submitted by October 18th, 2017. Those who have already published on BigBrain-related subjects are encouraged to participate. Those who cannot attend can provide a 3-minute video of their work, to be shown at the event.

Submit presentation files here
(please register first)

See you soon in Montreal!



BigBrain Workshop
Friday November 3rd
All day starting at 9:00am

Montreal Neurological Institute
McGill University
3801, rue University
Montréal, QC
Canada H3A 2B4


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